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eople 2015-2016.

  • Jocelyn Behm, Assistant Professor of Biology (visiting)
  • Erin Cain, Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • Alina K. Gawlinski, Timetree Assistant
  • Sarah L. Hanson, GIS and TimeTree Specialist
  • S. Blair Hedges, Carnell Professor and Director, Center for Biodiversity
  • Matthew Helmus, Assistant Professor of Biology (visiting)
  • Angela Lu, Multimedia Specialist
  • Julie Marin, Research Assistant Professor
  • Angela B. Marion, Molecular Evolution Analyst
  • Amy J. Matthews, Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • Kathleen McGrath, Biodiversity Laboratory Manager
  • Michael Suleski, Bioinformatics Programmer
  • Daniel B. Turner, Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • Biodiversity Postdoctoral Scholar (open position)
  • Graduate student (open positions)
  • Undergraduate honors students (open positions)

Alumni & Past Associates

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