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S. Blair Hedges, Ph.D.

Carnell Professor and Director
Center for Biodiversity
Science Education & Research Center
Temple University
1925 N. 12th Street, Suite 502
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Mailing and shipping address:
Attn: Dr. S. Blair Hedges
Center for Biodiversity
Temple University
1925 N. 12th Street, Suite 502
Philadelphia, PA 19122
New Science, Education & Research Building at Temple

Information for prospective students:
If you have an interest in the research that we do and would like to join the lab, please send an email to Prof. Hedges with the information below.

Prospective Graduate Students:

  1. Briefly state your research interests and reason for wanting to join the lab.
  2. Your current degrees (or expected degrees) and institutions.
  3. Your GRE scores and percentiles, including subject (if available).
  4. Your GPA (major and cumulative).
  5. Degree sought (M.Sc. or PhD).
  6. Your career objective after graduate school.

*NOTE: This informal application to join my laboratory as a graduate student and the formal application to graduate school at Temple are separate. Please consult web site for department of Biology's graduate program biology graduate program.

Prospective Undergraduate Researchers:

  1. Your major and class standing as of today (year and which semester/quarter, etc.)
  2. Biology and chemistry courses you are taking or have completed.
  3. Your SAT scores and current cumulative GPA.Photo Credit: London Wolfe
  4. Whether or not you are in the Honors program.
  5. Your career objective after graduation.

*NOTE: Maintenance of a satisfactory GPA (3.5 or greater) is expected. No special skills are required, but the ability to interact well with other people is a must. Also, a quickness to learn new techniques, propensity for computers, "good hands" in the laboratory, ability to focus on a task without distraction, neat handwriting, and enthusiasm for the subject are expected.

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